We're Stamping Passports, and Not Just Any Stamps, the Fancy Ones! 🌍✈️
Ever feel like adulting is just a never-ending cycle of work, family dinners, and figuring out which Netflix series to binge next? If your passport’s been gathering dust and your soul's been craving adventure, you're in the right place. Time to swap that work chair for a sun lounger and that microwave meal for gourmet cuisine. Dive into the Meraki Experience: think luxury resorts, adults-only escapades, mouthwatering food, exquisite wines, and—why not?—perhaps a cheeky cigar under the stars. All of this with an added layer of safety for our beautiful LGBTQ+ community, because everyone deserves a place under the sun.

Why Travel with Meraki? Hint: It’s Delicious. 🍽️
We get it. Life’s short and food is incredible. And if you're reading this, chances are, you're a bit of a food whisperer like us. The world is brimming with flavors waiting to dance on your palate. At Meraki, we don't just travel; we feast on experiences. Dive into tales told through spices, landscapes painted with cuisine, and memories made from meals. From the spicy streets of Bangkok to the cheesy alleys of Paris, your taste buds are in for a trip! So, while our love for food might borderline obsession, our goal is to connect, share, and create stories with you—one plate at a time.

Who are We? The Michelin Stars of Travel, if Michelin Rated Passion and Adventure! 🌟
Meraki Travels isn’t just a name; it’s a vibe. Specializing in luxury group travel, we curate journeys that tantalize the senses. And at the heart of it all? Gastro tourism, or as we call it, the most delicious history lesson ever. Yes, we're die-hard foodies (is there any other way to be?), but our adventures don't stop at the plate. From making dolphin pals to pretending we're archaeologists with dino bones in Jurassic Park, to catching that perfect Belize sunset mid-parasail – we've done it. Now, we're inviting you to join our table of adventurers, creating experiences that'll be the stories you’ll tell again and again. 

Our mission

Our mission at Meraki Travels is to be more than just a luxury travel guide; we aspire to be your trusted partner in culinary adventure. We're dedicated to crafting the finest gastro-tourism experiences where every traveler isn't just a client, but a cherished friend. Beyond the daily grind, we invite you to embrace new horizons, savor unfamiliar flavors, and revel in moments that push the boundaries of comfort. Because with Meraki, every journey is a toast to discovery, friendship, and the vibrant tapestry of life.   

Meet the women behind the brand

Meet T & MO McDaniel: The Heartbeat of Meraki Travels LLC

We're not just the dynamic duo behind Meraki Travels LLC. We are unyielding adventurers, gastronomic aficionados, and fierce champions for the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. We represent the heart, soul, and audacious spirit of this enterprise, marrying business savvy with boundless passion.

Our journey began in 2020, when T. McDaniel's vision crystallized into an adults-only haven for LGBTQIA+ travelers seeking camaraderie and adventure.

Meraki Travels LLC transcends traditional travel norms. Specializing in luxurious group journeys centered on gastro-tourism, we pay tribute to our insatiable appetite for culture and cuisine. Every expedition is meticulously tailored, shaped by our personal travels and an intrinsic understanding of what elevates a trip from ordinary to extraordinary.

Armed with over a decade of industry expertise, we possess an uncanny knack for crafting moments that linger long after the journey concludes. But our ambition doesn't halt at mouthwatering meals and breathtaking locales. Under our watchful eyes, Meraki embraces the pulse of adventure. Whether it's frolicking with dolphins, unearthing the mysteries of Jurassic Park, or sailing the skies in Belize, we ensure every thrill is within arm's reach.

Away from the travel trails, our zest spills into orchestrating memorable events—a testament to our multifaceted passion. Our familial bond solidifies our commitment to championing LGBTQIA+ rights, ensuring safe passage, and illuminating the path to LGBTQIA+ welcoming destinations. We're on a mission: position Meraki Travels LLC as the pinnacle of LGBTQIA+ travel, renowned for its amalgamation of safety, luxury, and heart-stopping experiences.

Fueled by an unwavering belief in the might of positive affirmations, our motivational essence propels our aspiration: to see Meraki's horizons expand and continuously craft journeys that resonate, invigorate, and inspire the LGBTQIA+ community.

A few of my favorite adventures

Girls trip

Lighthouse in Curacao

Parasailing in Belize